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Our Housing and Housing Retention Programs are funded through Catholic Charities USA, and Fannie Mae. The “No Place Like Home” is a HUD-Certified housing counseling agency and is a Chapa Seal of Approval agency. The program offers housing counseling for both homeowners and renters alike, addressing foreclosures, pre-purchase counseling, credit counseling, and budget counseling. 

With the current mortgage crisis going on in the United States, we are very busy so call ASAP to get an appointment with us

There’s no place like home…
Make the dream come true – find and keep a home of your own.

  • Education workshops toward home ownership
  • Individuals with credit card debt
  • Need assistance on budgeting
  • Assistance with Sub Prime and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Post-Purchase Workshop For New Homeowners

We are now offering FREE Virtual Post-Purchase classes for new homeowners, First-time homebuyers, and anyone interested in learning more about managing a homeowner’s budget and tips and practices on how to protect the investment you’ve made in your home. These classes will be virtual throughout the year, on two consecutive nights.

If you have recently purchased a home or are a current homeowner, if you would like to save on the maintenance costs of your home, and maximize the financial benefits of being a homeowner, this class is for you. We will go over a homeowner’s budget, energy efficiency, savings, home maintenance, refinancing, Insurance, and more.

If you fall into any of the above list, please contact:

MARIA PAIVA (Nos falamos português)
Housing Program Coordinator
New Bedford Office
(508) 997-7337

Topics include:

  • A Homeowners Budget
  • Getting the Equivalent of a raise in savings
  • Energy and Heating savings
  • Home Maintenance and Repairs
  • Refinancing and Home Equity
  • Tax Benefits for Homeowners
  • Insurance

CCFR has partnered with PayPal to accept online payments, through credit cards, email, e-checks, and PayPal accounts. PayPal is a secure and trusted money payment and transfer website, that will be taking payments for CCFR. PayPal is very easy to use. PayPal will provide you with a receipt for your records.

First-Time Homebuyer Class Fee

Single or Couple


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How to Help

We take monetary donations, used and new vehicles, food, furniture, and other items.
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