Foreclosure and Foreclosure Prevention

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Foreclosure and Foreclosure Prevention

CCFR provides counseling service to families experiencing mortgage delinquency or foreclosure problems. Services include:

  • Direct dialogue and developing of a plan for reinstatement by lender, based on an assessment of the problem
  • Modifying mortgage loan documents
  • Negotiation forbearance agreements
  • Reinforcement of right and responsibilities of homeowners including money management
  • Assisting in the stay of foreclosure pending application to FAH
  • Emergency mortgage assistance other mortgage relief programs
  • Assisting in voluntary conveyance and obtaining alternative housing

Because of the current Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis here in the US, we are extremely busy please call ASAP for an appointment. Don’t put it off, the earlier we can begin working with you, the easier it is to work out a solution that is agreeable for all parties involved.

For further information or to schedule and appointment please contact:

MARIA PAIVA (Nos falamos português)
Housing Program Coordinator
New Bedford Office
(508) 997-7337


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